Stakeholder mapping tool

Smaply's stakeholder mapping tool helps you to better understand your stakeholder's perspectives and manage their expectations. With Smaply you can visualize the ecosystem of your product or service and identify interconnections. Learn which key players influence your service and how they are connected.

A cut of image of a stakeholder map, consisting of three concentric circles, three stakeholders, and relationship lines between them
Stakeholder Maps

Understand your stakeholder network

Understand how your key stakeholders are connected to each other, analyze how they influence your product or service, and use the insights to improve your service or product.

Examplary relationship connections between stakeholder icons, indicated by icons such as smiley, plane, credit card, book


Identify and illustrate interconnections between personas and other stakeholders and how the influence each other.


Organize your stakeholders in categories: Is the stakeholder essential, important, interesting? Which ones are local, national, international?

Three concentric circles explaining the topography of a stakeholder map, each named by essential, important, interesting
Isolated legend elements from Smaply app, showing the relationships trust, payment, satisfaction, laws with an icon for each; simple table view


Use filters to analyze specific relations and understand the different roles of different stakeholders. Use these insights to adapt your communication according to your key stakeholders' interests.


Benefits of Smaply's stakeholder mapping tool

The Smaply stakeholder mapping software is a powerful tool to gain deep insights into how the ecosystem of your product or service is structured. Smaply offers fast preparation of high-resolution maps that you can use for workshops.

Icon of a double arrow, pointing left and right, indicating focus

Prioritize and focus

Decide what stakeholders you want to focus on. Create different maps for different products.

Icon of a magnifying glass, indicating zooming into maps

Dig deeper

Connect stakeholders to journey maps and see how they influence the customer journey.

Icon of an image, indicating image upload

Drag & Drop template

Add new stakeholders, move them around and link them easily by drag and drop.

Icon of two sheets of paper, indicating export


Print your stakeholder map and use it during your next workshop.Print your stakeholder map and use it during your next workshop.

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