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smaply comes from
the people behind 


80,000+ copies sold worldwide in 7 languages. We’ve promised an app when we launched the book back in 2010, now it became a software.

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Personas: Example of high quality PDF export


Create empathy with your users.

A persona is a rich description of a fictional person exemplifying a specific group of people such as your users or customers. They help us achieve empathy, create better ideas and challenge our assumptions regarding their needs and expectations.

  • Icon set included
  • Flexible descriptions fields
  • Mood image upload
  • Vector-based PDF export
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Journey Maps: Example of high quality PDF export

Journey Maps

Make customer experience tangible.

Customer journey mapping is the visualization of experiences a user or customer has regarding a certain product or service over time. Like a movie tells a story of an actor as a sequence of scenes, a journey map visualizes your persona’s experiences as a sequence of steps.

  • Drag and drop layout
  • Automatic graphs
  • Vector-based PDF export
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Stakeholder Maps: Example of high quality PDF export

Stakeholder Maps

Understand the ecosystem of your product or service.

A stakeholder map visualizes the ecosystem in which a product or service operates. It’s important to understand from the user’s perspective which other stakeholders and related products and services are important to get a specific job done.

  • Drag and drop layout
  • Draw relationships
  • Vector-based PDF export
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Free paper templates

Co-creation works best on paper.

Working with pen and paper is still the most natural and fastest way of working. Use our free paper templates for yourself or in your workshop. With Smaply you can quickly digitalize them and create professional outcomes, work in disparse teams and export high-quality pdfs to share or print out for your next workshop.

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