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Establish a common customer-centric language across teams. Use journey maps to manage agile teams. Break down company silos and co-create great experiences.

Improve business performance

Improve business performance by identifying moments of truth in your customer* journey maps and innovate based on data and a shared perspective across departments.

*employees, citizens, patients, …


Embed and scale journey mapping & journey management in your company through standardization so that you can build on previous projects and CX research data anytime.

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“Besides using journey maps in innovation projects, they can also serve larger companies as a great journey management tool and a zoomable dashboard for customer & employee experience.

Journey Map Operations – driven by Smaply’s Enterprise solutions – enable you to visualize projects, pain points, KPIs, research data, and more.”

Marc Stickdorn
Co-founder and CEO of Smaply

Embed and scale customer journey management in your company!

It’s not only about a tool – it’s about the mindset change it can trigger in an enterprise. Using software that constantly nudges people to focus on the customers’ reality will help you create experiences your customers love.

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Common CX language

Establish a common customer-centric language across your organization with personas and journey maps.

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White labeling

Custom branding and subdomain for a consistent look & feel supports easier adoption across your organization.

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Overview multiple agile teams

Using the same tool allows you to jump between different zoom levels of journey maps and identify which CX projects support or contradict each other.

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Business impact

Improving customer experience has a significant impact on customer loyalty, churn, and revenue growth.

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Training & coaching

We train your teams and help you as a sparring partner to scale customer-centricity in your enterprise.

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Standardize journey maps

Increase speed and accessibility of journey maps across your organization. Reuse data from previous CX projects and build on top of previous research.

SOFTWARE IT Foundations

Security and privacy

Single Sign-on over OpenIDConnect, OAuth 2.0, and SAML 2.0
AES-256 encryption at rest, and continuous TLS 1.2 for data transfer
Fully compliant with GDPR and German DSGVO
Custom hosting available, for location and jurisdiction of choice
ISO 27001 certified data centers for all processing and storage
Regular penetration, disaster recovery, and business continuity tests
SOC-2 certified data centers for all processing and storage
Custom SLAs (service level agreement) available for enterprise customters
Enterprise Customer
Step in journey map
Customer initiates procurement process.
User pain points
In-depth questions about IT security. Scheduling a call with Smaply experts.
Enterprise Support

We accompany you through procurement

No matter if tailoring terms and conditions, setting up a service level agreement (SLA), going through IT security reviews, or setting up and signing a NDA, the Smaply team is ready to help.

Check out this journey map which visualizes what we can do for you in procurement:

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We're Right where you need us

Smaply's Customer base

You are in GREAT company

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You focus on improving your customer journey.
We help you to scale journey management in your enterprise.

We are considered thought leaders in the field of service design since many years and we're happy to share this expertise, especially with Smaply Enterprise customers.

It’s one thing to develop good software, but it’s a different story to embed and scale the usage of such. And especially in the latter we don't want to leave you fighting a lost cause.

The experts from the Smaply team – building on 10+ years of experience – can help and coach you in finding the right way to establish a CX centric mindset across your organization.

You can use your coaching hours for …

In-depth demos

Get lots of tips and tricks on how to best utilize Smaply for your purpose.

Lunch & learn sessions

Let your team and us have discussions on journey mapping and service design.

Critique session

We together review your journey maps and find opportunities for improvement.


Get your team's champions the best training on the usage of Smaply and how to best embed and scale customer-centered routines in your organization.

Online key note

Get a custom intro on a CX related topic.

On top of these coaching hours we can also tailor a training program for your team in order to level them in their knowledge on customer-centricity and enable you to advance faster.

If you require dedicated help for your projects along the way, we’d love to bring you in touch with Smaply's selected network of specialized service design agencies.

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White-label options

Customize Smaply

Get your white labelled login page including your logo, a background image of your choice, and a subdomain in order to add your organization’s look and feel to Smaply.

Make logging easier for your users and more manageable for you by establishing single sign on (SSO).
Your subdomain
Single Sign on
Tailored text
Custom image
This is an example of how a custom solution for an enterprise landingpage could look like: your logo, subdomain, tailored text, single sign on and custom image.
Proven Success

What SMAPLY customers say

“Smaply is one of the best platforms in the market to create service maps or customer journeys using an already developed framework steeped in best practices.

Personas and stakeholder maps integrations give any team an edge when it comes to practicing CX.”

Portrait of Dennis Wakabayashi, Integer Group
Dennis Wakabayashi
VP of Digital & Integrated Commerce at Integer Group

“Smaply acts like a platform that is intuitive and super easy to use. This greatly facilitates cross-team collaboration with internal teams and external agencies.

Smaply’s outstanding customer service has been key to PwC’s adoption of CX practices and tools.”

Portrait of Fernando Yepez
Fernando Yepez
Director of Global Delivery Model at PwC
What to expect in the future
New features based on user needs, optimized accessibility and more – there's always great things to come!
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