This is team Smaply!

We are a small but mighty team of 22 humans with diverse backgrounds and 12 nationalities. United through our shared love for human-centered services (and the mountains), we call Innsbruck, Austria, our home. We are hard working, big dreaming and enjoying the ride with much laughter. 

Team Smaply partly sitting, partly standing smiling and laughing.
Illustration of the silhouette of our mountains called Nordkette
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About our Work style

How we work

As a team we set up and constantly work on core values. These guide our actions and define who we are and how we work.

Try experiments

We value a shitty first draft that we can experiment on more than any shiny concept.

Keep on learning

We continuously learn from feedback. Giving and receiving feedback is a valuable and important source for our learning.

consider sustainability

As part of the UN Global Compact Network we continuously check operations, behavior and decisions regarding economic, ecological, and social sustainability. We know that we are not perfect, but we strive to iteratively improve on all dimensions of the triple bottom line.

Take one for the team

“Sometimes the Yak has to be shaved.” We know that not all tasks are awesome or part of our job description but we help each other to progress as a team.

Welcome diversity

We value, welcome, and continuously work on diversity in all aspects: culture, color, ethnicity, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, age, religion, and others.

Act responsibly

We highly value self-determined ways of working and learning. Micro-management and over-organisation is not our style.

Illustration of the silhouette of our mountains called Nordkette
About our Culture

How we also work

We love our customers but we also love our employees –
enjoying the ride is on top of our roadmap.

Team Smaply having a barbecue on their terrace in Innsbruck.

— When the weather is nice, you’ll most probably find us on our terrace for a BBQ lunch break or dinner.

Our team member Paul snowboarding on the Nordkette.

— Flexible working hours transform our lunch break into a boarding session.

A team member's brown dog Rosa lying on a grey cushion.

— Our favorite employees have four paws.

A team event where we went surfing in Innsbruck (up-stream-surfing).

— Team, team, team! Every month we have a special team event.

A cat in a person's lap, while a notebook is on the table.

— Sometimes we work from home to take care of our pets.

Desk with a notebook, flyers, sticky notes, a cup of coffee and other office things on it. A yellow poster and a microphone are also visible.

— Our home base is a modern office located in the center of Innsbruck.

A team member teaching at a workshop.

— Learning is important to us. Therefore we support our team in learning and teaching activities with an additional education package.

Photo of remote work. A notebook, next to it a beer and palms in the background.

— The office is our base but we also work remotely if the wanderlust just gets too strong.

Jakob and Tobi dancing at the Christmas party.

— We throw legendary Christmas parties!

A fruit basket with apples, grapes, bananas, abrictos and plums.

— Fresh fruit and drinks is all we need. And chocolate, of course!

About the Mountains

Our home base

Innsbruck is what we call our home and where we enjoy the pleasures of life.

Innsbruck's city centre with the mountains in the background.

Europe’s action capital

Innsbruck, Austria: no, not Australia and no kangaroos but mountains, rivers and beautiful lakes.

Innsbruck is the action capital of Europe (Yes, it is! :P) and located at the heart of the Austrian Alps. The large university and Innsbruck’s extensive range of outdoor activities bring in many people from all over the world and make it a multicultural and vivid place. With its 130,000 inhabitants and its narrow historic streets it is a cozy home one step away from nature.

Discover more about Innsbruck on its official website [english].

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