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Smaply logo of a checkered background to indicate transparent file formats

Smaply logo

Smaply logo files in different formats.

Detailed screenshot from Smaply software, showing steps, images, graphs, and channel icons


Screenshots and mockups of Smaply.

Still image of Smaply’s explainer video with a woman looking at her smartphone, plus some exemplary step cards at the bottom

Explainer video

Intro to journey mapping with Smaply.


Smaply on the media


[German] Kundenerlebnisse greifbar machen

eco.nova is an Austrian magazine that publishes in the area of economics, science, healthcare and more. In this issue our co-founder Marc shares his perspective on how it feels like to found a company in Austrial


Beyond journey maps and personas – state of the art in system mapping for service design

Since the rise of service design, system maps have been attracting increasing interest. A growing number of people are becoming aware of the insights you can derive from the combination of system maps alongside journey maps and personas.


A journey map is not a f***ing deliverable

What is the difference between UX, CX, Design Thinking and Service Design? This and more in this episode of the Service Design Show with Marc Stickdorn.

Conference paper

Design Thinking Methods and Tools for Innovation

A case study approach, based on two workshops, examined personas, journey maps and stakeholder maps with Smaply.


How to buy the right customer journey mapping tool

Some tips for those looking to buy customer journey mapping tools.


[German] Introduction to journey mapping

6 steps to create a customer journey from scratch, including descriptions, emotions, engagement and more.

Press release

[German] Investment for More than Metrics

The Austrian IT investor Hermann Hauser supports More than Metrics on their way to go international.

Press release

[German] Service Design Neuland für heimische Touristiker


[German] Mit Service Design Thinking zum Erfolg

Interview with Marc Stickdorn.


[German] Customer-Journey-Maps: So erzeugst du Wow-Effekte beim Kunden

How customer journey maps help to capture the customer perspective and develop innovative offerings.

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