Stakeholder maps

Learn who influences your service
and how they are interconnected.

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Stakeholder maps

It’s a jungle out there

Understand how your stakeholders are connected to each other, analyze how they influence your product or service, and use the insights to optimize your ecosystem.

Visualize relationships

Illustrate what personas and stakeholders are connected, and how they influence each other.


Organize your stakeholders in three circles:
Is the stakeholder essential, important, interesting? Which ones are local, national, international?

Filter and focus

Use filters to analyze specific relations, e.g. only focus on information sharing connections or payment processes.

Analyzing stakeholder connections
A powerful tool to gain deep insights into how the ecosystem of the service is structured. Fast preparation of high-resolution maps to use for workshops.
Prioritize and focus
Decide what stakeholders you want to focus on. Create different maps for different products.
Dig deeper
Connect stakeholders to journey maps and see how they influence the customer journey.
Drag & drop template
Add new stakeholders, move them around and link them easily by drag and drop.
Print your stakeholder map and use it during your next workshop.

Create seamless customer experiences.

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