experience research toolkit

Free toolkit: experience research

July 2, 2020

Dig into the methods and practice of researching and improving experiences with cheat sheets, case studies and other learning resources.

Our free experience research toolkit we have collected some of the best contents of our blog for you to save and share with others: cheat sheets on the basic methods and tools of research, case studies on customer and employee experience research, as well as information on the research method of mobile ethnography.

Resources on the basics of research

The toolkit inlcudes a cheat sheet to the basics of research as well as learning cards, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages to each method, and a few overall tips for planning your research.

  • How do I decide about my research question?
  • What are the different methods that I can use to research customer or employee experience?
  • Who are the relevant people for the project?
  • Why should I invest time in these types of projects?

Case studies

See how other organizations researched customer or employee experience in different areas and industries:

  • government / public services
  • perception of food health and sustainability
  • employee experience
  • touristic offers

Basics of mobile ethnography

Learn about mobile ethnography and its advantages when it comes to researching customer experience.

  • What is mobile ethnography?
  • What can I expect to get out of this research method?
  • When can I use mobile ethnography?
  • What steps should I consider when using this method?

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