visualizations of touristic activities that are captured with a smartphone

E-book: Case studies of applied research projects on mobile ethnography for tourism destinations

July 9, 2016

Getting started with mobile ethnography? Here comes an introduction to the method of as well as seven examples on how it was used to research customer experience in tourism.

The field of design has changed completely during the past. Previously, design was seen as a profession that operates in specialist areas such as graphic design, product design, and fashion design; during the last 10 years it changed its scope from ‘Design Centered Design’ to ‘User Centered Design’. As such, and building on the service-dominant logic and services marketing, service design goes beyond designing artefacts and is argued to be no longer limited to the design of tangible products only, but also designs complex and interactive service processes and ecosystems.

These developments lead to the emergence of ‘service design’, a multidisciplinary and systematic approach, which can cope with the functionality and complexity of services by visualizing their systems and processes as well as by placing the client at the heart of the process.


Here are case studies on how mobile ethnography was part of an international research project funded by the European Union.

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