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An all-new tool for customer journey mapping & management. Create customer journey maps, collaborate in real-time, and manage your customer journey maps from one central tool.

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You’re safe.

Smaply's customer journey mapping software commits to the highest data protection and privacy standards. Your CX data is safe, regardless of where you're based or if you use an enterprise solution or a monthly subscription.

Our enterprise customers benefit from our certifications and additional custom solutions.

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Navigate user journey maps of all sizes easily
We don’t need another whiteboard for extreme flexibility, nor another tool for extreme structure. We need the sweet spot in between: guided flexibility.

Create customer journey maps the way you want

Smaply 3.0 comes with a simple customer journey mapping tool for you to build maps via drag-and-drop. Visualize different types of data that you need for your business CX strategy.

The journey mapping software to create user journey maps, employee journey maps or citizen experience – everything is possible.

Collaborate with
your team,
online & offline

Collaboration on customer journeys is the key to great experiences.

With Smaply, you can work together to create your customer journey maps online and in real-time. Conduct co-creative workshops or work asynchronously – the user journey tool is stable even when your internet connection is flickering.

Invite your team, customer or users to collaborate and create journey maps online, and assign them just the journey editor rights they needs.

Link customer journey maps and create structured hierarchies

Your customer journey insights used to be fragmented and all over the place? With Smaply's journey mapping software you can easily connect your customer journeys in a hierarchy!

Finally have a customer journey management tool serve as a real customer journey platform.

Evaluate touchpoints and prioritize pain points

Create a CX portfolio and prioritize projects according to how much impact the innovation of a pain point or wow-moment has.

A customer journey tool for both visualization and management – covering all phases of the experience innovation process, connecting all people who should have a say.

A tool made from experience,
for experience management

Smaply 3.0 has been built to meet the real
needs of customer-centric work. You asked for a customer journey management tool with user journey mapping capabilities – so here we go.

Collaborate in real time
Work fast on a
delightful interface
Manage opportunities,
pain points & solutions
Coordinate and manage the customer journey
ISO 27001:2022
Create a structured journey
map repository
Customizable journey maps & hierarchies
Create service blueprints
GDPR compliant
Custom hosting
Screenshot from Smaply showing an example journey map with storyboard, cards, emotional journey, channels. The image also shows the new edit panel, including pointer, hand, card, and line tool.
Logo of This is human-centered design, a community brand founded by Gerry Scullion

“Having Smaply as a partner in my journey was so valuable to my practice as a service designer. It really relieved me of so much cognitive overhead as I knew where the high-fidelity doing was going to live. Also, compared to other tools, it does all the important things better and remains consistent. An awesome tool for UX, Product Managers and Service Designers.”

Portrait of Gerry Scullion, founder of Humana and This is HCD
Gerry Scullion
Designer, Educator & Podcaster
Founder of The Human Centered Design Network
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“Smaply acts like a platform that is intuitive and super easy to use. This greatly facilitates cross-team collaboration with internal teams and external agencies. Smaply’s outstanding customer service has been key to PwC’s adoption of CX practices and tools.”

Portrait of Fernando Yepez of PricewaterhouseCoopers
Fernando Yepez
Director of Global Delivery Model
at PwC

Create & manage
customer journey maps

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