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Facilitating journey mapping workshops

December 6, 2018

A facilitator can help make workshops more efficient and enjoyable. This is a slide deck on facilitating journey mapping workshops.

The slides cover the basics of facilitation as well as how to facilitate the development of personas and journey maps.

It’s about the Why of facilitation and key concepts, and also goes through the most important topics to cover in a journey mapping workshop.

Finally, it includes exercises you can take or use during your own workshops.

Workshop RoX2017 Customer Journey Mapping from USECON

This is the slide deck’s agenda:

01 Facilitating
02 Basics
03 Personas
04 Journey maps

There are numerous tools out there that enable you to create digital journey maps. We have collected the best digital journey mapping tools in this article, so you have an easier choice.

If you've already decided on Smaply to collaborate on your journey maps after the workshop, transfer your results to a digital environment and invite your team to contribute, then this link takes you directly to Smaply's sign-up page.

Digitize your workshop maps