two people standing in front of a large journey map, with Smaply on a screen in the foreground

Cheat sheet: customer journey maps

July 13, 2018

Journey maps visualize the experience a user or customer has over time. Like a movie tells a story of an actor as a sequence of scenes, a journey map illustrates customer experiences as a sequence of steps. This cheat sheet summarizes the most important details of a journey map.

Journey maps can vary depending on their goal, context, detail, etc. Anyway, a classic structure of journey maps may look like the following:

  • stages
  • steps / titles
  • storyboard with photos and other images
  • texts and descriptions
  • channels of communication
  • emotional values
  • dramatic arc

On the cheat sheet we summarize the most important details, or lanes, of a journey map. For example, channel lane, storyboards, dramatic arc, and more.

There are many more details you can add to a journey map, always keep your individual case in mind.  Use the cheat sheet as an introduction to the topic, or as a reminder to put on your desk.

Download the cheat sheet