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Case study: how Deutsche Telekom used Smaply to embrace service design

March 10, 2017

Deutsche Telekom has been one of the earliest customers of Smaply. Now they share their experience with embracing journey mapping as a company.

Deutsche Telekom significantly influenced the tool’s development by sharing their needs and feedback with the Smaply team. The video shows Maik Medzich on behalf of our customer Deutsche Telekom talking about how they started doing service design in such a large corporate in the latest episode of the Service Design Show by Mark Fontain.

Episode guide

02:05 – First encounter with Service Design.

04:08 – Why did we setup the CX navigator community?

12:49 – When will we achieve the mindset change?

21:11 – How can we overcome the hurdle of uncertainty?

28:40 – Big question: how can we help projects deal with uncertainty?

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