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Journey Map Examples

October 28, 2020

Journey maps can illustrate experiences of different use cases related to various industries. We created some example journey maps to give you an idea how this works. We are constantly working on journey map examples to extend this library. If you wish to see one from a specific industry, let us know!

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There are many attributes that make a journey map valuable. Therefore journey maps can vary a lot in what they look like. The objective of the map, the persona and also the industry that is the subject are attributes that make journey maps differ from one another. Depending on the case, the following example journey maps have different kinds of data underlying which is represented in various lanes.

Always keep in mind: there is no right or wrong.

Healthcare – patient experience journey map

The patient’s emotional experience is in the focus of the patient journey map. Distinguishing between good, bad and neutral experiences is particularly easy through green, red and yellow squares, that you can see when opening the map.

View healthcare / patient experience journey map

Government journey map

How important it is to give context to a journey map you will learn in this map: stage descriptions and additional files adds valuable information to the steps.

View government journey map

NGO journey map

This journey map example visualizes the experience of Jess, a volunteer for a children's home. This is a small repository with a high-level as well as a detailed journey map.

View NGO journey map

E-commerce journey map

Examples for a sequence of steps within a user journey map in e-commerce

This example map illustrates the process from gathering information to the use of a product that has been ordered online. It is a very clean map focussing on the different channels and backstage processes of two different personas.

View e-commerce journey map

Online shopping journey map

In this journey map the focus lies on the activities happening backstage in an online shopping process. It is very similar to a service blueprint.

View online shopping journey map

Employee experience journey map

Journey mapping can also be used to analyze employee experience and to illustrate team processes. In this customer journey map example you see how.

View employee experience journey map

Student experience journey map

This is a simple way to illustrate both a current state and a future state journey map. The journey map shows the status quo and the measures that could lead to improvement.

View student experience journey map

Tourism journey map

This is a German journey map. It visualizes and compares the experience of two different personas. The emotional journey illustrates where and how much the satisfaction differs.

View tourism journey map

Airline journey map

In this example the experience on an airport is shown. As countless things happen behind the scenes on an airport, this map focuses on backstage processes and their influence on customer experience.

This is the project you also find in the Smaply trial.

View airlines journey map

Event experience journey map

We collected feedback on the Service Experience Camp in Berlin in 2016. This journey map is based on it and includes a storyboard and multiple text lanes. The journey map is in German.

View event experience journey map

Public transport journey map

This map is here to show you how to build hierarchies of journey maps: fields allowing for zoom-in and zoom-out are highlighted. It also includes KPIs so you can see how journey maps can be used beyond workshops and projects.

View public transport journey map

Telecommunications journey map

In this example journey map you can zoom into one of the steps to get from a high-level journey map to a detailed journey map. Click the link in the second step's description.

View telecommunications journey map

Journey mapping in SaaS

Journey mapping in Saas is at the core of our company. This journey map provides you with insights on how to take on the challenge. If you would like to read more about backgrounds, challenges and relevance read our article about journey mapping in SaaS.

View SaaS journey map

Journey mapping in Marketing

This journey map illustrates four phases of a buying process: Problem recognition, information search, use and leave. Learn more about journey mapping in marketing by reading the whole article.

View marketing journey map

Journey mapping in Banking

this image visualizes an outtake of a journey map in the banking sector

Here you can find a journey map example about banking. It visualizes the process of finding a new banking provider and using it. Find the entire article about journey mapping in banking here.

View banking journey map

Journey mapping in Recruiting

this is an outtake of a journey map visualizing the recruitment process

This journey map repository consists of two journey maps: The high-level journey visualizes the experience of a person being frustrated in her job and finding a job ad. The detailed journey map visualizes the experience of the applicant as well as the one of the recruiting manager. Read the whole article about journey mapping in recruiting here.

View recruiting journey map

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