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About Smaply 3.0 vs Smaply Classic

Smaply 3.0 is an all-new tool that combines journey mapping with journey management features. Here we provide answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Why a new tool

Smaply 3.0 is an entirely new tool, built upon the rich experience that we've made after having provided Smaply Classic for almost 10 years.

Nowadays, users are not only using journey maps as deliverables; they rather make them the core of their service development, thus journey maps move to the core of organizations. Users now need more flexibility than what Smaply Classic can offer.

What to expect from Smaply 3.0

The first public release of Smaply 3.0 will include many of the features our users loved about Smaply Classic, whilst at the same time providing new features:

Clean interface

Smaply received a complete makeover! The new interface is more comprehensive, less cluttered and has a fresh, modern look.

Real-time collaboration

With robust real-time collaboration Smaply 3.0 is ready to conduct workshops with your team. The time-intensive transfer of data from Miro and Mural to your dedicated journey mapping tool is finally over!

Robust online and offline editing

The state of the art technology for online and offline editing ensures that all your valuable insights and other data is stored securely – even with flaky internet connections and (a-)synchronous working.

Service blueprinting

Connecting the customer journey with activities and processes happening backstage is a valuable tool to ensure a seamless customer experience.

Customer journey management

In order to establish a smooth and uniform customer journey, customer journey management is the process of planning, executing, and overseeing the entire customer experience across all touchpoints and channels.

Flexibility and tailorability

Smaply 3.0 is a tool that adapts to your organization and not the other way around. You can customize your journey maps, independent from lane and information types.

More granular user management

We now offer a greater variety of user roles: Admin, Editor, Viewer, Commenter. They function on three different hierarchy levels: organization, workspace and journey map. A user can for example be "viewer" for a whole organization, but have editing rights in a workspace.

Opportunity and pain point management

On the basis of identified pain points, possibilities can be defined, which can then be shown in a diagram. There are three criteria which help to identify the relevance at a glance: impact on the customer experience, feasibility and potential from a business perspective (ROI etc.)

Flexible hierarchies

... and many more

By the way, we're building Smaply 3.0 with a strong compliance to our accessibility statement.

After the first release, there are more features to come – we'll announce them step by step on the Smaply roadmap.

How can I get early access?

For now, we provide handpicked users, e.g. our power users and our business partners, with early access to the tool. If you are interested in having a glimpse into the tool, just let us know.

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