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Management and Operations

Portfolio management

Optimize the user experience by identifying areas where improvements can be made.

Opportunities focus on optimizing the user experience by identifying areas where improvements can be made.

Pain points highlight challenges and obstacles that users encounter, providing insights into areas of dissatisfaction or frustration within the user journey.

Solutions involve proposed or implemented strategies to address identified issues, aiming to enhance the user experience by resolving problems and meeting user needs effectively.

The portfolio is a dedicated space where a portfolio of opportunities, pain points, and solutions within a workspace comes to life, bridging the gap between insights and action. This is where the portfolio can be created, managed and analyzed.

In the graph view, the three portfolio items are visually represented as circles. Their position and appearance are determined by four key factors:

X-axis: Feasibility (Opportunity, Solution), Reach (Solution), Cost (Pain point)

Y-axis: Impact

Circle size: Potential (Opportunity), Cost (Pain Point), 

Circle color: Status

Tailor your view by filtering opportunities based on specific journey maps or portfolio items and identify the journey maps in which each opportunity occurs.

Switch to list view for a comprehensive summary of opportunities and to edit your opportunities.

a graph visualizing opportunities as colorful dots on grey background
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