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Designing Employee Experience
The Federal Association of Personnel Managers together with hkp/// group launched an initiative to introduce design thinking into HR departments throughout Germany, independently of the company size or industry.
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Case study
This cases shows how students at the University of Michigan used personas and journey maps to create an app for teenage chronic patients.
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Case study
Global Electronics Corporation
This case shares how an international electronics company used journey mapping to improve its B2B operations.
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Case study
Kangaroo Mother Care Project
How a global health research and innovation organization used journey mapping to design a model for scaling a mother care project in India.
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“You can simply digitalize your user journey,
open it wherever you want and share it with the people involved.
The beauty of Smaply is its simplicity!”
Ravi Kaushik, CEO of C3 consulting agency in Belgium
“Working with Smaply is like a breath of fresh air.
Smaply offers a refreshing approach to help your company find and meet the evolving needs of current and prospective clients.”
Robert Bloom, Design Thinkers Group

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