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How to scale service design in organizations [with in-depth white paper]

February 17, 2021

This white paper outlines how to scale service design in an organization. It is the sequel to "Embedding service design in an organization". Starting with a short introduction on the difference of embedding and scaling service design, it then offers 10 tips from Marc and numerous quotes from other service design experts.

When you start scaling service design in an organization, your perspective shifts from a project-to-project mindset to a wider strategy, combining different projects and including initiatives beyond mere service design projects. This is where you will more and more face the impact of dealing with organizational silos, rigid power structures, the politics and bureaucracy.

This white paper aims to guide you on the journey of scaling service design in your organization. It is not an introduction to service design. If you are looking for such, I recommend This is Service Design Doing.

This paper ‘Scaling service design in organizations’ starts where its prequel whitepaper on embedding service design ended: your organization established a small service design team that has conducted a few successful projects. Based on that success you now receive more and more interest from various parts of the organization. The current challenge is how to scale this from a small core team to several departments across the organization.

So, here we are: In the following white paper are 10 tips that I like to follow when I work with organizations who are on the way of scaling service design.

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