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Case study: journey mapping in telecommunications

March 19, 2020

In this article, the Customer Experience Manager of Totalplay, a telecommunications provider based in Mexico, shares how they used journey mapping to improve the customer journey.‍

About the company

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We are Totalplay, a telecommunications company that is based in Mexico City. We offer services through fiber optic, such as subscription television, internet, and home fixed telephony.

The challenge

The aim and challenge of our strategic journey mapping project was twofold:

First, we wanted to provide our stakeholders with deep understanding of customer touchpoints along the customer life cycle.

Second, we wanted to develop an integral communication strategy for different channels, aimed at different types of users, to fit their individual needs.

The actions

We used Smaply to build a customer journey map. It took us less than half a day to visualize the customer journey in a detailed and structured way. We focused on the interaction of several communication tools affecting different contact points of the client's life cycle in different channels.

Throughout the project, we worked with personas, journey maps, stakeholder maps and service blueprints. We worked digitally, but also created exports of the resources to use during our workshops.

The outcome

Through this project, we derived several insights and results.

First of all, we developed a clear understanding of the stakeholders that are involved along our customer journey, and the insights gave us the knowledge we need to improve our communication strategy, build better stories, and draft experiences to support the launch of new products.

By the end of the project, we proposed and developed several improvements based on User Centered Design of core digital assets for our Contact Center, TV, Marketing and Product areas.

Our insights included enough detail that our teams can use them to prototype new ideas for validation, continuing to optimize the customer journey in future iterations.

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