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10 things you only know if you work in service design

August 31, 2022

Working in the field of service design takes patience and dedication. It does not matter in what phase of the innovation process you are – you’re probably familiar with the following ten situations.

1. When people think that service design is only about facilitating playful workshops.

2. When C-level argues the company does not need service design because “we know what the customers want”.

3. People are sure that every person with a job title that contains the word “design” is a graphic designer.

4. What you see when you want to do a 2-minute warm-up exercise with a room full of managers and C-level.

5. When you finally get that dedicated CX budget.

6. … and when they cut the CX budget again because the business is not going well.

7. If you’re a public sector service designer and there's new legislation coming down that requires you to redesign - basically everything.

8. When you finally convinced the team of using proper journey mapping software instead of Excel.

9. “We don’t need more CX research, we have a business analyst.”

10. But after all you just know that you’ve got the best job in the world, and you love it and celebrate every little win along the journey!