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8 products and services that improve customer experience in architecture, interior, and building

April 26, 2022

In the following images, you can see some extraordinary experiences in the field of architecture, interior design, and building that might be helpful and convenient –or, in some cases, even life-saving. The examples range from easier evacuation in case of emergency, over clever space-saving hacks in hotel rooms, to a practical and fancy-looking way of storing skateboards in schools. 

What unites all these widely varied ideas is the fact that when designing it, the design team stepped into the shoes of the person in a specific situation. This first example illustrates this very nicely. When there's a fire in a building and it needs to be evacuated, the hallways might be filled with smoke already. When crawling on the ground to avoid breathing in the smoke and fume poisoning, it's a potential life-saver to be able to read the evacuation plan from the floor.

These evacuation plans

This furniture hardware

This building

This elevator

This door

This maintenance guy's shirt

This skateboard rack

This exit sign

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