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Make a content wish!

September 6, 2020

At Smaply we are attempting to make your life easier, with the service design products we create, as well as the content we produce that helps make these products more helpful. 

To improve the learning resources we offer, we would like to understand more about you, your context and what you are trying to achieve so that we are able to continue to improve the way we create content for your.  

We are continuously working on learning materials about journey maps, personas and stakeholder maps – theory and practice, methods and tools. We do have a wishlist but would like to back it up with some feedback of you: what type of learning resources have you been looking for in the last couple of months? What questions have not been solved yet? What types of content do you prefer (video tutorials, case studies, how-to-guides, ...)?

We appreciate your 2 minutes of your time to answer a short selection of questions that to complete!

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