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Smaply is the experience innovation software that helps you and your team to embed customer centricity in your organization:

Create, share and present your customer journey maps, personas, and stakeholder maps.

Illustration of three happy and diverse persons
Illustration of three happy and diverse persons
Text cards in a sqeuence with smileys along a graph underneath, indicating a generic journey map
01— Customer journey mapping tool

Understand your customer’s experience.

Creating a customer journey map makes interactions visible and facilitates a common and empathic understanding between all team members.

With Smaply you can visualize your customer's experience in a journey map and take your customer's perspective to understand needs, pain points and feelings. Create a journey map repository and connect your journey maps in hierarchies.

An illustrative portrait of a woman, pinned to the section divider, indicating empathy for personas
02— Persona mapping tool

Know your customer.

Creating customer personas helps you to get a clear picture of your customers and put them at the center of your actions. What are their main characteristics? What conclusions can be drawn from that information regarding their customer behavior?

With Smaply you can make use of your insights and add needs, expectations, wishes and other details to your persona template. Visualize all characteristics that are relevant to understand a certain group of people.

A stakeholder map, consisting of three concentric circles, some persona icons, and relationship lines between them
03— Stakeholder mapping tool

Understand the big picture.

A stakeholder map is a visual representation of all of the stakeholders involved in the customer experience, internal and external ones.They use different devices and platforms, and communicate with diverse departments through different channels.

With Smaply you can get a better understanding of who is involved, reveal existing formal and informal relationships between stakeholders and identify frictions between them. Use our stakeholder mapping tool to find new business opportunities.

A smartphone captures colored sticky notes from a wall, with text and drawrings. Arrows indicate that these captures are then converted to Smaply software.
04— Workshop Capture tool

From sticky notes to a centralized hub of insights

Co-creative workshops work best on whiteboards – with pen and paper or with a digital whiteboard software. Smaply never planned to replace this way of working. However, at some point you want to standardize your results to make them readable.

With Smaply Capture you can import your sketches to a professional-grade mapping solution – with your smartphone. It allows you to re-iterate your results and collaborate with remote teams. Easy as that.

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Manage your customer experience insights, quickly and easily.

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Keep all your journey maps, personas and stakeholder maps in one place to create a hub of insights.

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Let other people contribute to the project and make your insights accessible to your team.

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Let others share feedback and enrich your project with their experience and insights.

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Create PDF, PPT, PNG, and XLS exports targeted to different audiences and tailor your pitch accordingly.

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Standardize your maps with templates so they can be used across teams and organizations.

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