Create empathy with your customer.

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Know your customer

Understand your customer’s needs and expectations and create better experiences that they find exciting. Use a drag and drop editor to customize your persona template.

Flexible drag & drop editor

Use different types of fields for your persona, such as quotes, numbers, and descriptions.

Upload pictures

Upload images to create empathy with your persona.

Rich Text editor

Add lists, highlight the most important facts, or link resources to your persona.

Understand your customers’ needs
Get a clear picture of what type of users you are facing, what their characteristics and their needs are.
Focus on the details relevant to your use case and use different text fields and layouts.
Drag & drop
Use an easy drag and drop editor to adapt the template to your preferences.
Add pictures to your persona to create empathy and increase the understanding of their context.
Create high-quality PDF and PowerPoint exports to present your personas to your team.

Create seamless customer experiences.

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