Customer journey maps

Visualize the customer journey with all its relevant details
and understand your customer’s experience.

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Customer journey maps

One step at a time

Steps are the cornerstone of journey maps in Smaply: each step describes an experience of your customer. Attach different kinds of details to a step, such as images, texts, emotional values, files, or anything you need to to shed more light on your customers' experience.

Steps and stages

Clarify steps, describe situations and keep the overview by categorizing in stages.

Text descriptions

Add detailed descriptions and highlight the most important facts of each step of the journey.


Include a storyboard to connect and empathize with the persona’s experience.

Image gallery

Ready-to-use free professional illustrations and thousands of icons through The Noun project.

Emotional journey

Illustrate customer satisfaction with the emotional journey lane.
Discover moments of excitement and pain points.

Dramatic arc

Illustrate the importance of experiences and the engagement of the customer through the dramatic arc lane.

Channel lane

Visualize what online and offline channels influence the customer journey.

Backstage lane

Add backstage processes to create a service blueprint and analyze which internal and external stakeholders interact with customers and what processes happen behind the scenes.

File lane

Upload files to support your journey map. Pictures, documents, tables, audio files and other file types help to add detailed information to each step and make your journey maps a hub for customer experience data.

Work with your team
Share, collect feedback, and present.
Include your team and stakeholders into the journey mapping process. Let others access your maps, let them see your changes in real-time and have discussions on steps.
Multi-user access
Invite your team members to collaborate on your journey map and make direct changes on the project.
Comment mode
business plan
Invite others to comment on your journey maps. Have online discussions with geographically dispersed teams.
Multiple personas
Compare the experiences of multiple personas in one journey map. Learn at what point experiences differ and why.
Live share
regular plan
Send people a sharing link and let them see your journey map and follow changes in real-time.
Drag & Drop all the things
Rearrange all the elements of the map, such as steps and lanes, by dragging and dropping them into place.
regular plan
Export journey maps a high resolution PDF, PowerPoint, Keynote, Excel and PNG files to print, present and analyze.

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