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Customer Journey Map

Journey map editor overview

In this article the various lanes are explained, as well as the icons and other features that make your life easier.
overview of the journey map editor in Smaply

The journey map (1):

The journey map is the heart of the journey map editor. It comprises lanes, columns, and cards, allowing you to drag and drop elements anywhere. 

Lane information (2): 

Positioned on the left, the lane drawer provides detailed information about lanes and their contents. You can open or close it based on your needs.

Top-left corner (3):

  • Smaply logo: Brings you back to the dashboard
  • Title: Change the journey map title via the journey info button (hyperlink)
  • Filter: Enables you to show/hide lanes and, soon, filter for tags, personas, etc.. 
  • Views: Save views and make them available to your team

Top-right icons from left to right (4):

  • User role: Indicates your role in this journey map as either admin, editor, or viewer.
  • Star: Add this map to your favorites
  • Journey info: Allows you to change the title, add descriptions, set the performance indicator, and assign a journey coordinator.
  • Export: Export your journey map to PDF format.
  • Manage users: This allows you to invite others to collaborate on this journey map
  • Profile settings: Edit your username, add/edit your full name, and change your user icon’s color. 

Card details panel (5):

  • Add more detailed to your cards, depending on the card type there are different editing options 
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