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First steps with Smaply 3.0
Customer Journey Map

10 steps to create a journey map in Smaply 3.0

This is an easy, click-by-click guide with 10 steps to create a journey map in Smaply 3.0.

From your preferred workspace:

Create a new journey map

Click the blue “Create journey map” button or select the pre-existing "My journey map" from the list. You're now in the editor with an empty journey map.

Add lanes and columns

Customize your map by rearranging, coloring, pinning, or deleting lanes. Add new lanes and columns by hovering between existing ones.

Add cards

Navigate through the canvas and click the add-card-button, choose your preferred card type, and place it on the journey map. Move cards around via drag and drop.

Manage cards

Click on a card to find the basic actions in the card toolbar, and open the card details panel for more detailed editing options.

Add content to cards

Start adding content. The type of content allowed per depends on the card type.

Create opportunities

Create opportunities directly within the journey map using the opportunity card. Opportunities are stored workspace-wide for reuse and analysis in the portfolio on your dashboard.

Add journey info

Edit the title, add a description, and include a journey performance indicator and coordinator by clicking on the journey info icon in the top right corner.


Share the journey map by clicking on the sharing icon in the top right corner. Invite collaborators via email. Workspace members already have access, and user icons indicate who is online and actively working.

Filter lanes and create views

Hide unnecessary lanes by clicking the filter icon in the top right corner. Save filtered views for specific purposes and share them with your team using the “views” icon.

Export your journey map

Click the export icon in the top right corner to export your completed journey map to a PDF.

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