Smaply for Enterprises
Agile, customer-centricity, digital transformation, … many approaches describe a new way of working. Smaply helps you to focus on what really matters: providing value to your customers.

Scale customer centricity

Establish a common customer-centric language across teams. Use journey maps to manage agile teams. Break down silos in your organization.

Improve business performance

Gain a competitive advantage by understanding customer needs and pain-points. Reveal new business opportunities through a compelling customer experience.

Customize and standardize

Embed journey mapping in your organization through standardization so that you can build on previous projects and CX research data.

Customer-centric management
Embed and scale journey maps in organizations
It’s not only about a tool – it’s about the mindset change it can trigger in your organization. Using a software that constantly nudges people to focus on the customers’ reality will help you creating experiences your customers love.
Customer centricity
Establish a common customer-centric language across your organization with personas and journey maps.
Custom branding and subdomain for a consistent look & feel supports easier adoption across your organization.
Overview multiple agile teams
Using the same cloud-based tool allows you to jump between different zoom levels of journey maps and identify which CX projects support or contradict each other.
Business Impact
Many studies show that improving customer experience has a positive impact on customer loyalty, churn, and revenue growth.
Training & Coaching
We can train your teams and help you as a sparring partner to scale customer-centricity in your organization.
Standardize journey maps
Increase speed and accessibility of journey maps across your organization. Reuse data from previous CX projects and build on top of previous research.

“Smaply is one of the best platforms in the market to create service maps or customer journeys using an already developed framework steeped in best practices. Personas and stakeholder maps integrations give any team an edge when it comes to practicing CX.”

Dennis Wakabayashi
VP of Digital & Integrated Commerce at Integer Group

“Smaply acts like a platform that is intuitive and super easy to use. This greatly facilitates cross-team collaboration with internal teams and external agencies. Smaply’s outstanding customer service has been key to PwC’s adoption of CX practices and tools.”

We are Enterprise ready

We help you to embed and scale journey mapping in your organization so that you can focus on improving your customer experience.

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