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We are the team behind Smaply!

November 16, 2018

More than Metrics develops software for companies who want to improve their customer experience.

These are our digital tools and tangible resources for CX experts and service designers:

Smaply is a web-based software that illustrates journey maps, personas, and stakeholder maps.

ExperienceFellow enables to research customer experience in real-time by combining a mobile app for the customer with a web-based software for the company.

mr. THINKR is an online shop for workshop and learning materials for service designers, UX designers and anybody else wanting to improve their customer experience.

Founded by the authors of the business bestsellers This is Service Design Thinking and This is Service Design Doing, More than Metrics applies co-creative methods to develop its tools in close collaboration with its users.

We are an international team with diverse backgrounds and skill sets, efficiently working together based on a shared vision and common sense of humor.

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