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User journey mapping with Smaply helps to understand UX, design flawless user journeys, and increase your users' satisfaction and loyalty.
A graphic illustration of a journey map with two person icons, separate cards, and an emotional graph
Example journey map

Example user journey map

This is what a user journey map can look like.

Professional tools for great user experience

Pure web tracking can’t tell it all. Journey maps help to gain a holistic understanding of user experience, both online and offline, and in the moments that can’t be tracked by a machine.

Journey maps

User journey maps help to understand how your users go through your service, step by step. What are the moments of success? What are the pain points along the journey that need better UX design?
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Visualizing personas makes it easier for you and your team to better understand the needs of the target users. What’s their background? What are their skills?
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System maps

Create a common understanding of who is involved in a service and needs to be considered when going through an innovation phase. What are other services they use? How do your partners impact the experience?
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Share UX insights, collect feedback, present results.

Have the entire team and usability testers participate in the innovation process: they can follow the progress in real time, share feedback, and have discussions on each single moment of the user journey.

Icon showing a group of users

Multi-user access

Collaborate with your team members on your journey map and share your knowledge and insights with each other.

Icon of speech bubbles indicating comment mode

Comment mode

Pro Plan

Invite others to comment on your journey maps. Have online discussions with geographically dispersed teams.

Icon of a grid, indicating the option of multiple personas

Multiple personas

Compare the experiences of multiple personas in one journey map. Learn how and why their experiences differs and optimize your service accordingly.

Icon of a swooshy arrow, indicating sharing functionality

Live share

Basic Plan

Share read-only versions of your maps and let others follow changes your journey map in real-time.

Icon of arrows in all directions, indicating drag & drop functionality

Drag & drop all the things

Rearrange all the elements of the map, such as steps and lanes, by dragging and dropping them into place.

Icon of multiple paper sheets, indicating export functionality


Export maps and personas to high resolution PDF, PowerPoint, Excel and PNG files to print, present and analyze.

Icon of a person with a crown, indicating customer centricity

Customer centricity

Establish a common customer-centric language across your organization with personas and journey maps.

Icon of a paint brush

White labeling

Custom branding and subdomain for a consistent look & feel supports easier adoption across your organization.

Icon of a group of persons

Overview multiple agile teams

Using the same cloud-based tool allows you to jump between different zoom levels of journey maps and identify which CX projects support or contradict each other.

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Business impact

Many studies show that improving customer experience has a positive impact on customer loyalty, churn, and revenue growth.

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Training & coaching

We can train your teams and help you as a sparring partner to scale customer-centricity in your organization.

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Standardize journey maps

Increase speed and accessibility of journey maps across your organization. Reuse data from previous CX projects and build on top of previous research.

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