We build digital tools
for service designers

Smaply is run by a small and agile team in Innsbruck, Austria



We are an international team with diverse backgrounds and skill sets, efficiently working together based on a shared vision and common sense of humor.

This is More than Metrics.

* No, not Australia (we have mountains, but no kangaroos).

The origins

Hello, it’s the people behind
“This is Service Design Thinking”.

#TiSDT sold 80,000+ times worldwide, translated into 7 languages. We promised an app when we launched the book back in 2010, then it became a software. Now it’s also another software. And an online shop. And another book. We strive to put all our experience and learnings in our products – backed by co-creation with our users and customers.

Our vision

Using service design
to develop service design tools

In service design projects all over the world, we discovered that teams often struggle with similar issues: What to do after a workshop? How to process workshop results? How to work with geographically disperse teams? How to create professional deliverables with limited time and budget?

Our vision is to help private and public organizations to successfully do service design (or however you call what we’re doing) by …

  • developing software to efficiently use basic service design tools such as personas, (customer) journey maps, and stakeholder maps (Smaply).
  • developing software to efficiently research customer experiences using mobile ethnography (ExperienceFellow).
  • offering free templates as well as ready-to-use template packs and other workshop materials (MrThinkr).
  • providing hands-on training, tutorials and other education materials to use these tools in real projects.

Our team

Meet the nice people behind Smaply

Marc Stickdorn
Co-founder and CEO
Jakob Schneider
Co-founder and CCO
Klaus Schwarzenberger
Co-founder and CTO
Andreas Seelos
Contract Management
Dr. Birgit Bosio
Research & Education
Carmen Walser
Accounting & Controlling
Daniela Moitzi
Backend Developer
Hardy Titz
Key Account Manager
Jakub Ráček
Backend Developer
Jesse Dijkuizen
Frontend Developer
Katharina Rainer
Marketing & PR
Laura Vidal
UI Designer
Lucía Joglar
Graphic Design
Markus Nölle
Backend Developer
Martin Kaiblinger
Frontend Developer
Melina Savvidis
Michael Steingress
Business Development & Partnerships
Nicole Broeckling
Service Design & Customer Success
Timo Maier
Quality Assurance
Tobias Lichtenstern
Sales & Consulting
Tobias van Treeck
Backend Developer
Zsofia Szatmari-Margitai
Service Design & Customer Success

Our network

Contact us at mail@smaply.com