From creative chaos to professional journey management

Does not matter if you started your journey maps on digital whiteboards or with pen and paper – with Smaply you can digitize them in seconds.

Illustration with app icons of Mural, Excel, Lucidspark, Miro, juxtaposed to a smartphone mockup, mimicking the capture process of paper post-its
Make your life easy

Handwriting recognition takes away the tedious work

Got to digitize those sticky notes on the wall? Smaply’s OCR text recognition helps to convert workshop results to an editable map in a few seconds.

Don’t let your insights die on messy boards

Import from whiteboarding tools

Each tool got their moment and use case – and whiteboarding tools are great for the creative kickoff at the beginning of a longer, more structured CX initiative.

But what comes next?

Smaply integrates with the most common whiteboarding tools and allows you to import your maps with a few clicks.

Use Smaply as a management tool along the project, keep track of the progress and share results with your team.

Illustration of a simplified journey map, connected with external apps (Miro, Excel, Lucidspark, Mural) by arrows
A 1-2-3 i mage of post-is, a smartphone with our capture app, and the respective result as a journey map
Keep momentum after your workshop

Digitize pen-and-paper journey maps

Take picture. Edit. Upload. It’s just a few steps to get your pen-and-paper map into Smaply. No falling stickies, no lost insights, just all your maps in one place.

Create seamless customer experiences with journey maps, personas, and stakeholder maps.
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