Digitize pen-and-paper workshop maps

From your workshop wall right into Smaply:
digitize your pen-and-paper journey maps within seconds.

Use the Smaply smartphone app to convert workshop results to an editable map. Collect and organize your maps in Smaply and continue to work on them with your team.

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A smartphone captures colored sticky notes from a wall, with text and drawrings. Arrows indicate that these captures are then converted to Smaply software.
Smaply Capture

First: Co-create on paper

Start your journey mapping project with a pen-and-paper map on the wall – either in a workshop with your team or even alone at your desk.


Second: Capture, edit, upload

Take a picture of your journey map, make edits to the text and rearrange sticky notes if you like. Then upload your results to the respective Smaply project.

In the back: a paper journey map with colored sticky notes, showing text and sketches. In the front: a smartphone showing the Smaply Capture app with editing toggles

Collaborate and share

It’s not always easy to gather everybody in the same room. Now you can continue working on the journey map with your geographically dispersed team.

Why Smaply Capture?

Keep the momentum after your workshop

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OCR Text Recognition

Handwriting recognition takes away the tedious work

Icon of a smartphone

Intuitive Mobile app

Just a few steps to get your Captures into Smaply

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Create seamless customer experiences with journey maps, personas, and stakeholder maps.
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