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The short guide leads you through the software, explains what personas, stakeholder maps and journey maps can be used for, and how you can create them with Smaply.

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Frequently asked everything

Is there a free trial before paying?

Yes, we offer a 14-day free trial. You can sign up here with your first name, organisation name, and email. No credit card details needed – if you like the tool, we’ll ask you for your payment details after the trial.

Do you offer a white label version?

Yes, we do. You can get an individually branded version of Smaply including a dedicated subdomain with a unique log-in page, visual skinning (your logo, your background image, etc.), and all exports are branded with your logo.

Get in touch with us for a customised offer:

send an email to

How secure is Smaply?

The answer is simple: Much more secure than most corporate data centers. We use 256-bit SSL encryption at all times, officially certified by Symantec. Billing information is never stored on our servers and securely handled by Braintree Inc. which is also trusted by airbnb or Uber.

Can I include custom logos on the exports?

Within the BUSINESS plan you can even define a logo for each project. For example, if you export a journey map from project A, it will contain the logo you defined for project A – if you export a journey map from project B, it will contain logo B. Like this, you can easily manage different projects for different clients or departments.

Why pen and paper templates?

Particularly in a workshop setting, it is often quicker to work with pen and paper. Participants can concentrate on the content without having to also adjust to a new technology.

However, it might be a good idea to have someone in the workshop digitizing the outcomes with Smaply. This way you can present the outcomes immediately and people can even take their results home.

Does smaply auto-generate customer experience concepts for me?

No. We are quite confident that there will never ever be a software that can do that. Smaply is a tool to help you visualize, evaluate, document and present your results from classic and modern research methods.

Your Persona data must come from research. Your Stakeholder Maps must come from research. Your Journey Maps must come from research. Smaply offers tools and cannot offer human empathy, intelligence nor research skills.

Will you offer Smaply in my language?

No, not right now. Of course we’ve planned localization but according to our users, this is lower on the wish-list of features.

How do I get an invoice?

You can download all your invoices from within the app.  Click on your user name in the upper right corner and go to “Billing History” to see all your invoices and download whatever you need.

Please implement this, this and that feature. I really need it!

We appreciate your engagement very much. Please let us know about your wishes and ideas at

If your feature request makes sense for our broader user base and matches the methodologies behind Smaply, we are super happy to put it on our roadmap.

Help, I forgot my password.

Just click on “forgot password” on your login screen. You will then receive an email with instructions to reset your password. You can also click here to get there directly.

If one of your co-workers lost their password (and you’re the admin of your organization), you can send them a password reset mail from “users in organization”.

Can Smaply be used with an iPad (or any other tablet)?

Currently Smaply does not (properly) work with tablets. We are working on this …

If I cancel my account and sign up again later – will my data be stored?

No. If you cancel your account, your data will be deleted entirely. We’ve learned that this is what our users want.

Do you have customers in the US and offer pricing in USD?

Yes, we do have customers in the U.S. (in fact almost 1/4 of our customers come from the United States). So the process is basically pretty simple: You can sign up at any time with your credit card for Smaply. It is charged in EUR with the current exchange rate in USD on your cc statement.

We are currently working with our procurement provider to be also able to offer our plans in USD for more predictable pricing. However we can’t tell yet when this is going to happen.

Can I run Smaply on my own servers?

Theoretically yes, please get in touch with us. However, please consider if you can and want to take care of first-level support, data center security, external access, frequent updates, and maintenance.

Usually, this is not a good idea. :)

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