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Customer journey maps

Understand your customer’s experience.

Mapping customer (or user, employee, etc.) experiences makes intangible interactions visible and facilitates a common and empathic understanding between all team members.

Besides a journey map’s basic structure consisting of steps and stages, additional lanes such as storyboards or channel lanes can be used to enrich the map and focus on specific topics.

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Know your customer.

Create personas to describe the needs, expectations, wishes – whatever is relevant to understand a group of people as a human being or as a stakeholder.

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Stakeholder maps

Understand the big picture.

During their journey, customers interact with your company’s internal and external stakeholders. They use different devices and platforms, and communicate with diverse departments through different channels.

A stakeholder map is a visual representation of all of the stakeholders involved in the customer experience. It helps to understand who is involved, to reveal existing formal and informal relationships between stakeholders, to identify frictions between them, and to find new business opportunities.

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