Gerry Scullion and Marc Stickdorn laughing at the SDGC19

Podcast: SDGC19 Special

October 11, 2019

Gerry Scullion asks our CEO and co-founder Marc Stickdorn about ‘Customer Journey Map Ops‘. This is also a nice recap of Marc’s masterclass that was hosted as a SDGC side event by EY.

Journey Map Operations is a system that helps organizations manage multiple agile teams by using a journey map as a visual customer-centric management tool.

This is HCD is the official media partner of this year’s SDGC in Toronto. That is where Gerry caught Marc for a quick chat about Journey Map Operations. They talk about agility in organizations, linking journey maps on different zoom levels, changes of standard operating procedures and their impact on the customer’s experience.

It is a great, strategic tool for management. Nevertheless, in a pen and paper workshop the limitations become clear. Journey Map Ops are extensive projects that are difficult to keep up-to-date, especially when it has to be done manually. Here, a digital tool that eases the work is vital.