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April 12, 2021

We’re continuously collaborating with our users, research their needs and wishes and structure our roadmap based on their input. Here we present the outcome: our most recent releases for Smaply!

Want to learn more about upcoming featurses or want to share your requirements with us? Drop us a line to, we’re happy to hear about your thoughts.

Switch the language of the app to Spanish

For enterprise users it is now possible to change the language in Smaply to Spanish. This you can do in the settings on a user and on an organizational level. More info

Smaply Capture: import from digital white boards

Now you can use Smaply Capture to import your journey maps from Miro, Mural, Lucidspark, Excel or simply by using photos and screenshots.

More info

Persona slider

The persona slider enables you to visualize a persona's character traits, interests or similar. On a one dimensional scale you can show the intensity, for example from high to low or other levels that you can define individually.

Meta data for journey map context

Use the new journey info tab to give your team a quick idea about the context of each journey map. You can find it in the upper right corner of the journey map editor. More info

Live sharing of personas

With this new feature you can send your team, boss or client a link to your persona so they can see a live version of it and follow eventual changes in real time.

Here is an example persona in live sharing mode

Smaply Capture

Smaply Capture helps you digitize pen and paper journey maps by taking a picture, letting powerful handwriting recognition read and translate it to digital and uploading it to Smaply. Here comes a short introduction how it works.

More info on Smaply Capture

Emotional journey export

Create highly visual exports and use them to present your journey map to your team, client or other stakeholders. Also, use this export format if you want to print your journey map with a standard home printer.

More infos on emotional journey export

New user role: creator

The creator allows you to differentiate between your collaborator’s roles with one more hierarchy level. Creators can work on all assigned projects and create new projects – hierarchically they are between members and managers.

More info on user roles

Journey map link lane

The journey map link lane allows you to build a comprehensive journey map repository by connecting every step with related journey maps. You can use this lane to zoom into a detailed journey of a particular step or to show alternative journeys of different zoom levels, use cases, scenarios, contexts, etc.

More info on journey map link lanes

Live data lane

live data lane image

You can now upgrade your journey maps by adding live data to it: connect your maps to Google Spreadsheets to automatically update them with relevant KPIs. This feature is especially relevant if you use journey maps as a customer-centric management tool for agile organizations.

More info on live data lanes

Templates for journey maps

You can now start your journey maps by using a predefined template. For example, you can use a comparison journey map to analyze the experience of multiple personas on one map. Or, you can use a service blueprint template to connect customer interactions with backstage processes.

More info on templates for journey maps

Color picker

With the color picker you can select your company colors and use them to have your exports based on your own CD. The color picker is available for colors on journey maps, as well as the avatars of personas and stakeholders.

More info on the color picker

Persona editor 2.0

With the new Smaply persona editor, you can drag and drop different types of fields into the template, rename them, fill them and arrange them however you define and create your persona. Finally you can export your persona to a PDF document or a PowerPoint presentation in order to present them to your team or use them in a workshop.

More info on the personas editor

PowerPoint export for personas

If you want to present your personas to your team or your client, a PowerPoint export might now be a great way to do so. Export the persona template and then customize the presentation with your preferred colors and layout.

More info on persona exports

Icons & pictograms

With the Smaply integration to the Noun Project we made it possible for users to add a great variety of icons and pictograms to their journey map storyboard.

More info on icons and pictograms

On our changelog you find an even more detailed overview on all features and improvements we've launched in the last few months.

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