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The participant’s perspective

October 10, 2018

This is a short video about ExperienceFellow and the participant’s perspective when using the mobile app.

It shows how a participant uses the mobile app on the basis of an example. The participant takes a business trip abroad and illustrates his experiences with the airline, hotel etc. in ExperienceFellow.


Personal experiences don’t fit into categories of surveys, what matters are real stories from real people.

ExperienceFellow is a free mobile app that allows you to give valuable feedback on the go by documenting and evaluating your experience at any moment you think is important.

Imagine you’re going on a business trip. ExperienceFellow lets you easily document your flight experience. “That meal tasted pretty bland”.

You can also document how you experienced finding the hotel. “Huh, that was easy, Taxi!”

Use your time in the queue to evaluate the check-in. “The check-in took way too long!”

Did you find your room quickly? “Huh, that was disappointing.”

Give each situation a title and evaluate how you feel in this moment. Use text, photos or videos to document all positive, neutral or negative aspects.

Adding and evaluating can be done offline, preventing expensive roaming costs abroad. You can review and edit your evaluations at any time.

Your data will be analyzed and will give valuable insights for improvement and innovation. With ExperienceFellow you can give valuable feedback based on real experiences. ExperienceFellow – your experience matters.

If you are also interested in the researcher’s perspective on ExperienceFellowwatch this video.

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The participant’s perspective