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ExperienceFellow helpdesk

July 1, 2019

Getting started with your first mobile ethnography project using ExperienceFellow? The new ExperienceFellow helpdesk is your go-to platform for any information you need to conduct your mobile ethnography study.

On the helpdesk, we dig into topics like the methodology of customer experience research through mobile ethnography. You’ll learn how to best plan your research project in terms of research question, sample, etc.

We give some tips on how to get started with such a project, including a glossary and learning materials, e.g. step by step guides.

ExperienceFellow helpdesk preview
A preview to the ExperienceFellow helpdesk

You’ll find detailed information on data collection and participant recruitment. Also we’ll guide you through the analysis of ExperienceFellow: participant overview, GPS map, tags and more.

Finally, you also find information on your account settings, data security and much more.

Questions, comments, ideas on the helpdesk? Get in touch and share your thoughts, we’re constantly working on the helpdesk contents and we’re happy to include your feedback!

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