"sometimes the yak has to be shaved" as a saying for "to take one for the team"

Our 10 core values at Smaply

July 26, 2019

To our team it is important to share our most important values so we can work together successfully. Together we have agreed on 10 basic values that are the most important to us and that should guide us through each day.

Try experiments

We value a shitty first draft that we can experiment with higher than any shiny concept.

We believe in doing not talking as everything is possible in PowerPoint-land.

Keep on learning

We want to continue to learn and understand feedback as a valuable and important source for learning.

Be honest and transparent

Not just don’t lie but also be honest about your abilities and knowledge.

We want transparent decisions, structures, and processes.

Be respectful

We want to respect each other as well as our users and partners regarding their individual way of living, behavior, values, budgets, and time.

We do not accept any kind of behaviour like harassment, active or passive
aggression, narcissism, power games, and the like.

Act responsibly

We take responsibility for our actions. We value self-determined ways of working and learning instead of micro-management, over-organisation,
or shifting tasks to higher hierarchies.

Take ownership of projects and issues – saying “not my department” is not acceptable.

Consider sustainability

Being sustainable and returning something back to the society and environment is important to us. Therefore we are part of the United Nations Global Compact Network and continuously check operations, behavior and decisions regarding economic, ecological, and social sustainability.

We know that we are not perfect, but we strive to iteratively improve on all dimensions of the triple bottom line.

Welcome diversity

We welcome diversity not only to foster creativity, we also feel compelled to condemn injustice and discrimination and to reaffirm our commitment to constantly question our biases and becoming aware of our own privileges. We are committed to cultivate a workplace that makes equality, diversity and openness priorities—a workplace where no one feels discriminated based on their color, sexuality, gender, age, and any other attribute that makes us feel different.

People’s background should not impact how we treat them,
how we value their opinions or respect their decisions, nor their salaries.

Be humble

We strive to surprise during the process instead of making bold statements upfront.

We know that raising expectations that cannot be fulfilled is very disappointing – for colleagues as well as for our users, customers, partners, and stakeholders.

Take one for the team

We believe in the saying “Sometimes the Yak has to be shaved”.

We know that not all tasks are awesome or part of a job description, but we help each other to progress as a team.

Don’t be too serious

We take our customers, users, and partners seriously, but do not take ourselves too seriously.

After all, it’s not about life and death and we love a good laugh.

This is us – meet the team!