smaply's team celebrating it's 5th anniversary

Smaply's 5th anniversary

September 28, 2017

Five years ago, Smaply was founded and since then many things happened. The greatest thing was: the team.

Five years ago, Smaply was founded and since then many things happened. The greatest thing was: the team.

There are no doubts the team is indispensable for Smaply – but how are things the other way round? We thought Smaply’s fifth anniversary would be a good chance to let people themselves tell about the experience they had during their time with our company. So we asked:

What do you think about Smaply? How does working with the company influence you, today and yesterday?

Oh how things change and evolve in a startup! How fun and exciting. What a motivated and dedicated team! Cheers to many more years.

This is the Smaply team
Service Design
co-founder and CTO

Our little side-project became an actual company! To me, the most fascinating part about this whole thing is to have a team that dedicates their abilities, strengths, ideas and actually also a significant amount of lifetime to our shared project. It’s amazing to see how all those different ideas, views and backgrounds shape our tools and also personalities. Working in this team has changed in a lot of ways but mainly it humbles me on a daily basis to see such talented people work on this amazing project.

You are not just an employee, you’re integral part of the team and first and foremost a human being to receive support in both your strengths and your weaknesses.

Backend Development
Katharina Rainer
Katharina, Marketing & PR

As one of the first team members joining the marketing department I had the chance to see Smaply grow. I love that even after 5 years the open company culture, high motivation and spirit we had at the beginning is still alive and leads us to continue further develop ourselves and the company.

Account Management

Seeing your ideas and working hard to please thousands of customers is just amazing. It was and it is going to be an interesting journey with many memorable moments along the way. Nevertheless, we are here because everyone contributes their heart and soul to the products. The spirit within in the team reminds me of one for all and all for one. I’m happy to live and work in one of the beautifulest cities, where also fulfilling my hobbies is really easy.

I loved the company’s spirit right from the day I started to work here. Great products can only be made by a great team, and that’s exactly what I found here. To another 5 awesome years!

Steini, Business Development & Partnerships

Five years ago, Laura joined Smaply as the very first employee. As it seems, since then we’ve not only developed the product, but also the team itself grew intriguingly – not only when looking at the number of team members, but also at the team spirit.

We’re so happy to have each one of the team members with us and we’re looking forward to many more years and many shared great moments and achievements!